We have two studios available for booking.

Studio A: located in Dormont, a borough of Pittsburgh, is a newly constructed space equipped with a live room, iso booth, and control room.

We run ProTools 12 through an Apollo16- 16 channel Universal Audio A/D converter with UAD powered plug-ins, and a variety of outboard gear (See Below). All for tracking, mixing, editing, and some light mastering of your project.

Studio B: Our portable rig, an 8 channel Focusrite Safire 56 to transport to your rehearsal space, venue, or any place you want to setup to record.



A library of microphones consisting of: AKG (D112), Audix (d6, i5, 2-om2), Electrovoice (2-RE20s, 2-Cardinals – Designed by Blue), Miktek (tube microphone- CV4, as well as a C7, CM5 match pair pencil condensor, a PM10 snare, and PM11 kick mics), and Shure (5-SM57s). Headphone monitoring with Beyerdynamic and AKG headphones for up to 8 individuals.

Outboard Gear

Dangerous Music D-box with analogue summing, Optical Compressor by Warm Audio (WA-2A), Preamps include: two channel tube preamp by Universal Audio (2-610), two channel solid state pre by Focusrite (ISA 2), and 8 channel Focusrite (OctoPre Dynamic MkII). All through the Apollo 16.

Reference monitors by Focal. Radial DIs. House drum kits include 4 piece 1967 Ludwig and a Yamaha DTX500 electronic kit. 1965 Ampeg tube amplifier. Breedlove nylon string, Larrivee steel string, and a Yamaha MO8 digital piano is also available. 


We rate at $35 per hour. This includes time for setup, tear down, tracking, mixing, and editing. In regards to the portable studio, any travel under 25 miles is included. Any miles over 25 will be billed at the standard rate of 55 cents a mile. Two hour minimum booking, or a deposit of $50 to reserve initial session.

Contact us for booking and please be as specific as you can regarding the type of project you are looking to complete. We can work with you on budgeting and time management to insure the best results possible.