If you have a song you recorded yourself, or at another studio, consider the quality you can get when it’s professionally mixed. The details that shine through, the stereo width to provide fullness, and the dramatic low end to give that dynamic punch. Send us your mix and we will work with you on making it come alive.

Hourly rate of $40, plus one point.

Here is an example of what we can do for your mixes, blow are two different mix and master for the same song. The song is, Nicotine by Jesse Humphry. The first example is his own version.

Jesse’s Mix ^

Our Mix^


Mastering is that final step, the polish and shine, the glue that binds the tracks together.  We offer Mastering services to clients who have tracked with us, or those who have tracked elsewhere and want quality Mastering.

Pricing for Mastering services:

Single $50, plus one point

EP/LP $25 per song up to 13 songs, plus one point

xLP $22 up to 20 songs, plus one point


We can also provide instrumentation to your project; fatten up the guitar tracks? Add some percussion? Provide some bass? Let’s talk and we can make some additions that will really make your songs stand out.

Time and points will very depending on the project.

Reach out and let’s talk about what you want, Contact us for booking!