Main Studio: located in Dormont, a borough of Pittsburgh, is a newly constructed space equipped with a live room, amplifier closet, and control room.

We operate ProTools 12 through an Apollo 16 Universal Audio A/D converter with UAD powered plug-ins, and a variety of outboard gear (See Below). All for tracking, mixing, and editing your project.

Mobile Recording Rig: 16 channel Focusrite portable rig, your rehearsal space, venue, or any place you want to setup to record. In regards to the portable studio, any travel under 25 miles is included. Any miles over 25 will be billed at the standard rate of 55 cents a mile.


A library of microphones:
Dynamic Microphones:
AKG – D112
Audix – d6 • i5 • two-OM2 • OM3
Electrovoice – two-RE20s
Miktek – PM10 • PM11
Shure – five-SM57s
Condenser Microphones:
Electrovoice – two-Cardinals (designed by Blue)
Miktek – CV4 (Tube Mic) • C7e (large diaphragm) • matched pair of CM5 (pencil condenser)
Ribbon Microphones:
Royer – R10

Outboard Gear

Dangerous Music – Dangerous D-box
Warm Audio – WA-412 – WA-2A Optical Compressor
Preamps include:
Focusrite– ISA-2 • OctoPre Dynamic MkII
Universal Audio 2-610 tube preamp
Warm Audio – WA-412


Focal – reference monitors
Beyerdynamic – DT770 headphones
Behringer – PowerPlay headphone distribution for customized group monitoring
Talkback from Control room to Live Room
Radial – 3 passive DIs

Available upon request
Fender Custom Reverb Vibrolux guitar amp
Ampeg 1965 Vintage Tube guitar amp
House drum kit 1967 4 piece Ludwig with zildjian cymbals
Yamaha MO8 digital workstation