In addition to my work with bands & singer-songwriters, I’ve been involved with a number of theatrical & film projects over the years. From ambient sound to sound fx to Foley to full compositions — I’ve done it all.

The Death of Brian: A Zombie Tale


Sound design for a one-man play written by Ricky Coates. It was featured at the Orlando Fringe Festival in May, 2013.

Theme from “The Death of Brian: A Zombie Tale”


Curtain Call



Composer & Sound Designer, January 2013.
Written by William Shakespeare; directed by Beth Rass-Bergquist.

Freak Storm

Freak Storm

Composer & Sound Designer, February 2012.
An adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest written by Don Fleming & directed by Lisa Ann Glomb.

This play required mostly sound effects, but the ending was to be a big dance number. The director wanted something “Bollywood” and this is what I came up with. My work was nominated for a Theatre Puget Sound Gregory Award in the category of Outstanding Sound/Music Design.

The Metamorphosis


Composer & Sound Designer, January 2011.
Based on a short story by Franz Kafka. Adapted and directed by Wilder Nutting-Heath.

This is the introduction to the play, meant to inspire both sadness and beauty. The violin is performed by Jannet Utterback-Peck from the band Poland.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Composer & Sound Designer, November 2010.
Written by William Shakespeare, directed by Rob Rass-Bergquist.

The setting for the forest was a virtual world, not unlike a simulated computer program. For this design I mostly composed material in Ableton Live. This is the final musical number, played during Puck’s goodbye and closing the play.

Mother PhΩcker

Mother PhΩcker

Composer & Sound Designer, November 2009.
Written by Matt Lyman, directed by Beth Rass-Bergquist.

This is a dark waltz that was to set a scene for a tyrant who is beginning to discover his true origins.

Blinding Pains

Blinding Pains

Composer & Sound Designer, November 2009.
Written by Ben Newton & David van Wert, directed by Rob Rass-Bergquist.
Lyrics by Ben Newton & David van Wert.
Vocals by Chris Marx.
Music composed, arranged, & performed by Dan Yost.

The theme song to “Blinding Pains” — a sit-com sequel to Oedipus Rex. Every sit-com needs a theme song, right? Oedipus tries to rebuild his life after the tragedy by opening a restaurant in Phoenix called “Oedipus Mex.”

A Dream Play

A Dream Play

Composer & Sound Designer, April 2009.
Written by August Strindberg, directed by Rob Rass-Bergquist.

A haggard writer spends his time between his typewriter and a bottle, stumbling off somewhere between his fictional and literal rain gutter.